A drum is a musical instrument that is struck with the hands or with a drum stick(a stick for hitting a drum). A collection of drums and cymbals is called a drum kit, or drum set.
Drums are used to keep a steady beat in a song. They give music of many kinds a sense of feeling. For example, to make a song to be slow or fast, the drums play slower or faster.
A drum is a percussion instrument, which means it makes a noise by being hit. There are many types of percussion, such as cymbals and cowbells; even a simple piece of wood can be considered percussion.

Drumming Lessons

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for enjoyable and supportive drum lessons. Our tutors are experts at bringing out the joy of the drums while also helping you take your skills to the next level, regardless of your age or ability. You’ll be motivated to learn, grow, and create.
We’ll make certain that you start with good habits and techniques.
We’ll also focus on how you play, which is just as important as what you play for your long-term enjoyment of the instrument. You’ll be playing along to your favorite songs in no time.


There are the benefits of playing the drums for your body, your spirit and your personal development:

✅ Playing the drums improves mental Health.
✅  It is an excellent psychomotor exercise.
✅ Reduce Stress
✅ Increases Brain Power


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We offered piano lessons to student age  +3. Don’t forget we also have our Little Musicians program for the little once! 

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Yes. Even if you don’t have a musical background you can ask the teacher for advice on how to help your child practice. By simply monitoring that they are doing exercises a certain number of times per day the student will progress. Our teachers are very happy to help to ensure our students get off to a great start!

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