No other instrument has captured the imagination of music lovers and musicians for many generations as the guitar. This adaptable instrument can produce a stunning range of tones, from the most delicate to the most resonant. Its adaptability and versatility are unparalleled. It also happens to be a simple instrument to learn. Our lessons are designed to guide you through the early stages of learning to play, from choosing a guitar and getting it in tune, to learning your first chords and playing some cool songs.

Acoustic Guitar

Modern guitars come in four main types. The classical guitar is used for classical music. The term acoustic guitar is generally used for a guitar used for popular music, even though a classical guitar is also an acoustic instrument. There are many other different types of acoustic guitars from different parts of the world.
In Conroe Music & Art Academy our teacher will look out for your learning technics, creating good playing habits by applying the right exercises. All of these with high standards, a great environment and a happy place to learn!

Electric Guitar

A electric guitar can be flat, hollow, or semi-hollow (solid with hollow pockets on the sides), and produces sound through its pickups, which are wire-wound magnets that are screwed onto the guitar. Some guitars combine the hollow acoustic body with amplified sound.  Bass Guitar are designed to make a low bass rhythm.

Rock & Roll with our electric guitar lessons! Step by step, we shape great technic in our student. You will be so happy to place that song you love!


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We offered piano lessons to student age  +3. Don’t forget we also have our Little Musicians program for the little once! 

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Yes. Even if you don’t have a musical background you can ask the teacher for advice on how to help your child practice. By simply monitoring that they are doing exercises a certain number of times per day the student will progress. Our teachers are very happy to help to ensure our students get off to a great start!

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