Our teachers motivate, inspire and change the lives of our students.

At Conroe Music & Art Academy, we always welcome you with the best joy, and we do our best so that you can have each class with the best experience and enjoy your learning. We offer you 3 major programs: Art Program, Music Programs and Little Musician.

Art Lessons

Show off your creativity with the must exciting art program in Conroe! The focus is to have fun and learn at the same time.

Encourage your child to develop and hone their fine motor skills, problem-solving methods and art technics by registering them for this fun-fill and adventures art program!

Because there is no age limit to start learning a musical instrument, here at CMAA we invite you to join use on our music classes whether the are Private Lesson or Group Lessons.

Show off your creativity!

Little Musicians Programs will allow your children the opportunity to develop their ears, sing and try different musical instruments while having fun, singing and experimenting!

It will develop the love for music on an early stage of their lives.

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